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PBX + The Cloud

PBX + The Cloud. The best of both worlds

SIP Trunking (Session Initiation Protocol) is a form of VoIP, or Voice over IP. SIP trunks delivers telephone service to your existing PBX without the need to buy additional equipment or phones. With SIP Trunking you have the flexibility to add VoIP to your current PBX, without having to invest in expensive equipment.
• Choose between metered and unmetered SIP Trunks depending on your business needs
• SIP Trunks are reliable - with a 99% uptime
• SIP Trunks will Integrate with many on-premise systems

SIP is Scalable

SIP trunks are very scalable and can be adjusted depending on the growth of your business.
• Easily add more SIP Trunks to your PBX in times of growth to meet your customer demands.
• With SIP Trunks you get HD Voice and many other VoIP features.
• Keep your same numbers by porting your existing phone numbers to SIP.

Save money over traditional phone lines

Experience dramatic savings with SIP Trunks over traditional phone lines and services. With added VoIP features, switching to SIP Trunks is a no-brainer.
• SIP saves you money
• Free unlimited calling options
• You can keep your existing PBX equipment and still switch to SIP Tunks

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