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Low Cost VOIP

Low Cost

Hundreds of advanced features are delivered at a superior price compared with legacy telephony and competing Hosted VoIP solutions providing a dramatically lower total cost of ownership. Most of our VoIP customers experience dramatic from their prior business phone service.

More Bang for your Buck

A small business or startup now has access to a full-featured phone system that would previously have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Advanced features now come standard, giving your customers an enterprise-quality experience. This levels the playing field of any size business to have a feature-rich phone system that's easy to use and manage.
Low Cost VOIP
Collaborate Everywhere

Collaborate Everywhere

Hosted VoIP lets you work from home, on the go, remotely, and—when it's time for a break—not at all. Manage the system from any computer, and make calls from any desktop or mobile device.

Managing your Phone System has never been easier!

Want calls to get a live answer from a sales or support queue during office hours and hit an auto attendant after hours? Want to page all agents at once to save time and energy? Easy.
Managing your Phone System

So what are you waiting for?

Put your company on the map with world-class business communications solutions with CalComm Systems Hosted VoIP.

Hosted VoIP Features

Free Unlimited Calling in the U.S.
• Cost Savings over traditional systems and services • No Contracts Required • Scalable for any Business • Advanced Voice Messaging and Routing • Cloud Hosted PBX • Increased Security and Flexibility • Multi-site and Remote User Integration • iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac Applications • Mobility

Hosted VoIP FAQ's

  • What are the Advantages of Hosted VoIP?

    There are several advantages to using our Hosted VoIP Services over traditional phone services, such as, price, portability, and extra features. With no extra telephony hardware to purchase, all you will need to get started is a compatible VoIP telephone and an internet connection. Also you can pick a number, rather than be locked into certain area codes and prefixes. We also include numerous features such as auto-attendants, voicemail, music on hold, any many other advanced features at no extra cost. For a full list of features and further details about each one, visit our Features Page
  • What Is An IP Phone System?

    At the center of every business phone system is the PBX (Private Branch Exchange), which makes connections among the internal telephones of a business or other private organization and connects them to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Traditional hard-wired PBX systems evolved in the 1990s to use Internet Protocol (IP) to carry calls. An IP PBX uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and can also be known as a VoIP PBX, IP-PBX, virtual PBX or IPBX.
  • What is Hosted VoIP?

    Hosted VoIP is another term for Hosted PBX. "Hosted" means to say that the hardware and PBX is hosted at an off-site location from where the VoIP telephone service is being used. As with all VoIP (or Internet telephony) services, business VoIP uses packet-switched telephony to transmit calls over the Internet as opposed to the circuit-switched telephony used by the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).
  • How much does Hosted VoIP Cost?

    Each registered device and phone number will have a monthly fee. The monthly fees will depend on the number of users you add to your system. Please contact our sales representatives to get a quote for service.
  • Can I Keep My Existing Numbers?

    Yes, yes you can. In most cases you can port your existing phone numbers to our Hosted VoIP Services. Porting is a one-time fee and takes anywhere from 5 to 18 days.
  • What Broadband Speed Do I Need?

    For optimal VoIP performance you need 90k upload and download per concurrent call.
    For example: If you have 40 phones in your office building and at peak load have 30 concurrent calls – you will need to have a minimum of 2.7 Mbps upload and download speed (easily handled with most business class connections). For a smaller setup of 5 phones with a max of 4 concurrent calls – you will only need 360 Kbps upload and download (easily handled with any DSL/Cable connections).
  • Do I Need to Have an On-Premise PBX?

    No, you will not need any on-premise PBX equipment. Our service is 100% hosted. All you need is an internet connection and a business class router. If you have existing PBX equipment, you will no longer need it to have the most current and up-to-date features for your phone system. With a hosted solution your system will be automatically upgraded as soon as new features are rolled out, and you will never have to pay for upgrades.
  • How Many Calls Can I Have at a Time?

    Unlimited. With a traditional phone system you need to have roll over lines to manage multiple calls. With Hosted VoIP, all incoming calls are routed through a very powerful server and so you will never ring busy, even if you only have one phone and one phone number.
    This also means you can place as many calls on the systems as your hardware will allow. Depending on how many phones you have and what model, you could theoretically place an unlimited number of simultaneous outbound calls on the same number and still never ring busy.
    Welcome to 21st century communications!

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